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Understanding Anxiety - and different levels of

I find this is one you really have to think about, and it often gets lumped in with Stress, and I think it needs to be separated out from that. They are very different things, and need to be treated that way, also though Anxiety can be felt on different levels, so that is what I'd like to explore today.

When it comes to our moods, is helps to identify the intensity of what you're feeling, and look at different levels of anxiety, and how to help resolve them


This is gentlest level of Anxiety, feeling weepy or emotional now and again, or at certain times of the month. Feeling down at time but it doesn't affect any plans you've made with friends or family. You can link how you feel to certain triggers, for me it was TV about animals :)

You can feel nervous at situations, but you do them anyway. You may get some physical symptoms of tension, racing heart or feeling warmer (like a flushing). However with this low level, thought you get worked up and anxious you're able to relax again afterwards.

How to help:

Look at getting supplements incase you are nutritionally short, start with Vitamin D, we don't get enough sunlight most of the year, not enough to help us lift our Serotonin Levels.

Citrus Essential Oils - Orange, Lemon, Bergamot, Lime, Juniper, Rosemary - these are all oils that can help lift your mood, blend them. Pop them in a diffuser and have near you at work and in your living area. These aren't bed time oils they're daytime ones.


This is up a level from Low Moods, you're feeling more weepy or emotional than you've ever felt before. It can feel as though you have a lot on your plate and you can't cope in the way you used to.

You're now starting to avoid certain situations due to how you're feeling, making excuses to avoid social engagements, specifically the ones that you know you used to enjoy.

Physical symptoms may be becoming more apparent, with palpitations, digestive upsets and trouble sleeping. You're finding it more difficult now to relax and switch off.

Go to your local nutritionist shop and look for remedies that help, you could be very depleted in Magnesium, Vitamin B's (all of them) and still Vitamin D. A blend of Magnesium and essential Oils (Lavender, Roman Chamomile) may help you sleep better.


You feel more weepy and emotional than happy or content and you can't identify what's caused you to feel this way.

Your emotions affect your confidence, this may have an impact on your work life now as well as your social life, and you find yourself opting to stay home more often than go out.

Physical symptoms are now quite intense with frequent upset digestion, nausea, IBS, palpitations, chest and gut pain, panic attacks , dizziness, headaches or insomnia. You're rarely able to switch off and relax and your thoughts are overwhelming you.

This is a point that you need someone to help you, infact, don't reach this point, reach out!

You can see your GP and discuss the options, but also supplements and therapies are really important, its just knowing the right ones to find and try.

Shiatsu is very emotionally supportive, and during the physical treatment, the acupoints that I use can help your body and mind regain balance. Remove overwhelm, feel vibrant and empowered with this gentle physical therapy.

My best advice is don't leave it until its very bad to do something about it, see what level you are at, and take some action now. It's far better to turn the tide as soon as you recognise your level of symptoms. If you're trepidacious about coming for a treatment, tell your therapist. Have a chat with them about what to expect from the experience and that you're anxious about attending, but know you'd like to see if it can help.

If any of this resonates with you, please contact me and ask for a chat beforehand, I'm happy to do this for any of my potential clients as I want Shiatsu to be a beneficial experience for you and not one that you don't know whether you have the courage to attend. Once you get to your treatment you will be on the road to starting to feel better again. It just takes that one first brave step....

Call / Text Andrea on 07899 987227 or message me via this link:

Shiatsu Bodyworks - Cheltenham - anxiety explained and support

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