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Amazing Magnesium

Do you have dull aches that won't go away?

Do you have tension in your shoulders, your lower back or calves?

Do you suffer from cramps?

Would you like support for better sleep?

Mg butter.jpg

Magnesium and lavender infused body butter melts into your muscles and smooths away dull aches in minutes. It relaxes muscle tension to relieve headaches and induced a deeper sleep. Cramps dissappear in moments and you're not left with that ache for days.

So many low-level annoying pains are your body wanting more Magnesium.  It can be those kind of pains that you don't want to take a pain killer for or in fact pain killers may just not work!


I recommend you take Magnesium orally too as it's the #1 deficient mineral in the world. This body butter is a handy SOS to keep near by; as soon as you start to feel a niggle massage in.

For a deeper nights sleep you can massage into the soles of your feet, or if you know you're prone to cramping in a certain place at night, preempt this by massaging in over the afflicted area before going to bed. 

Magnesium does the triple:

  • It relaxes your muscles relieving tension

  • It feeds your muscles preventing cramp

  • It nourishes your nervous system to induce deeper sleep

Email Andrea to order

Only available to current clients of Shiatsu Bodyworks Cheltenham (due to insurance)

Do you have sharp nerve pain too, or really struggle with your sleep?

Chat to Andrea about CBD-infused Amazing Magnesium!

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