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About Andrea

After a series of accidents in my teens and 20s, I suffered from problems with my back, hips, and knees, and began to look for something that would help with my pain and mobility. To start with, I tried cranial osteopathy and then started having acupressure treatments. It intrigued me that some therapies left me feeling so much better than others and so I wanted to find out a bit more. I looked in to 'therapeutic massage', and from there, in 2005, I found Shiatsu.

Shiatsu Bodyworks - Cheltenham - Andrea Marsh MRSS Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine Practitioner

"I was thrilled to be able to help men with quite serious health issues"


​I studied at the Shiatsu College in London for three years while still working as a computer software manager and this lead to most of my case studies being my male colleagues. I was thrilled to be able to help some of them with quite serious health issues like lowering High Blood Pressure, Relieving Stress, Decreasing Migraines and supporting them in lifestyle changes with the advice they wouldn't normally have access too. This really opened my eyes to how powerful and supportive Shiatsu is for men; when traditionally women are more likely to seek therapies. I am passionate about helping men as I know Shiatsu can sort out so many ailments that tend to have a similar underlying cause.


Once I graduated, I became a part-time therapist, working in a London Clinic gaining invaluable experience. Over the years I have studied other energetic and physical therapies; such as pelvic realignment. Together with Shiatsu, I create a  unique solution-focused treatment to support you through any changes in mind and body and creating deep relaxation. This is particularly powerful, especially when you have ailments where either the cause is unknown, or that you cannot resolve by yourself.

   "Dogs are very sensitive creatures, they hide their pain..."


5 years ago Canine Shiatsu became available to study, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with dogs officially,. I always had, but now with structure and understanding as I got my Diploma in 2015. Dogs are your biggest critic when it comes to therapy, you really have to be on the ball! I was excited to be invited out to teach Canine Shiatsu at the International Equine Shiatsu School. They'd requested this extra module at the end of their 3rd year as they wanted to be able to transfer their knowledge to their Canine friends. This turned out to be an eye-opening experience for them, Dogs were far more touchy about being touched, than horses! Dogs are very sensitive creatures, they hide their pain, and take on ours as well; working with dogs is a sheer joy.

Since moving to Cheltenham and building my business, and getting on a bit myself, I found that 2 years ago I started researching the Menopause, wondering if I was experiencing symptoms. The 34 menopausal symptoms seem to be so varied and erratic, and women appeared around me who were really suffering so I decided to research what was going on. I turned to my Chinese Medicine books and plotted all the symptoms, there had to be a pattern; Chinese Medicine teaches you to look for patterns. I found that the PeriMenopause symptoms were not heat-related, and this tied in with my clients experiences that they would go to the GPs and state their symptoms, but due to not having Hot Flushes the GPs were telling them that they couldn't be Menopausal, and were suggesting they were depressed instead; this made me pretty angry!

"... the best result from having treatments with me is that she just

doesn't get the hot sweats anymore!"

I decided to take this mission on myself of educating women that they can be Perimenopausal for up to 10 years before the main event, which, with the UK average being 51 meant women could be experiencing the first symptoms in their early 40s. I now run Menopause Seminars regularly, and I'm joining up with some major influencers in the coming months to spread the word further.  However, my day to day passion is to see women on a one to one basis, talk to them about how they are, give them a Shiatsu to alleviate their symptoms and advice on what to do between sessions. You really don't need to suffer from symptoms and ladies with Hot Flushes, I've had some amazing results with my clients, Lizzie came to me saying that' she was waking up at night as though someone had thrown a bucket of water over her side of the bed', and the best result from having treatments with me is that she just doesn't get the hot sweats anymore and has her sleep back!


To be able to help women get these results is really what makes me love being a therapist. Not forgetting my male clients, I'm always happy when someone keeps coming back because they feel the difference physically and emotionally;  that is a courageous thing for a chap to admit!

I have my Shiatsu every month,  I wouldn't be without it, it's great for working out any niggling pains that appear, or helping me when I'm feeling under the weather. In turn, I love introducing people to this wonderful bodywork, as I know just how good it feels to receive it!


I am a full time qualified member of the Shiatsu Society to work on people and with dogs, fully insured,  with over 15 years experience. Every year we do 'Continued Professional Development' (CPD) to ensure we are still certified and insured. 

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