Treatment Options

Shiatsu for Health -  clinic treatment  £75

Choose if this is your first time and you have health issues / non-peri/menopause

Shiatsu for Menopause -  clinic treatment  £95

Choose if this is your first time and in peri/menopause

Shiatsu for Wellness -  clinic treatment  £65

Choose if this is your first time and you're looking to enjoy relaxation/ destressing

Short Shiatsu/ Taster session -  clinic treatment  £38

Find out how you can relax in a very short space of time

Self shiatsu support via video £45

e.g stiff joints/ migraines/ post viral fatigue  - remote support

Health and Vitality clarity call

Worried about health, fatigue, immunity?

Can't get answers from your GP and you're looking for natural solutions?

Health and Vitality Consultation

Deep dive into your health and you'll receive an action plan follow up  - remote support

 call /email to discuss

Shiatsu for your dog

call /email to discuss

Worried about your health?

If you're struggling with anxiety, stress, fatigue, memory problems, ill health, stomach issues, headaches and migraines, and any number of other sypmtoms where you're not getting help elsewhere this is where a consult with me (online) is very beneficial, I'll take your symptoms and map out the underlying causes and recommend the solutions you need to help you with your wellness.

I'm also fully qualified canine practitioner if your dog has joint issues, post operative care, gut issues, and health asociated anxiety. Contact me here.

 Is it the Peri/Menopause?

The answer is maybe, but the solution is what are your symptoms and what this highlights as your underlying health imbalances. I've specialised in helping women alleviate their symptoms naturally and effectively and you can book in above or redirect to my sister website: