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Shiatsu For Health - Men & Women

Gentle acupressure with the incorporation of looking at your Health from a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view. This is amazingly powerful at understanding your health patterns and ailments in your body from a different perspective; allowing you deeper insight into your own bodymind and empowering you to take back control of your health & wellbeing. These sessions can also include dietary advice upon request.

The first consultation is a no obligation session to get to know you better and for you to try out the therapy. We will discuss your needs and you can receive a treatment to decide if it is right for you.

Follow up sessions will be arranged after discussion according to your requirements, and on whether I can help you. If on occasion I don't feel Shiatsu is suitable for you I will give you other suggestions as your health and well being is my main concern.

First session   | Approx 1 hr 15  |  £75

Follow Up sessions | 55 mins  |  £56



Shiatsu ~ For Women's Health /Menopause


Together we look at all aspects of you lifestyle and health issues related to any stage of the change in life from early Peri-Menopause and how it may be really affecting your energy, emotions and health.

Shiatsu is very effective at alleviating the hot flushes stage, and if your body has remained stuck in this cycle if you should be Post Menopause. I also support women who have 'Surgical Menopause' and coming off HRT.


Book Your Menopause Assessment with me here at my sister website - Cotswold Menopause

Myofascial Cupping & Shiatsu Massage

Get your flexibility back in your back! If you have achy tight muscles over your whole back , this will get blood flow working again, relieve tiredness and tension and re-energise you. Cupping is an ancient technique which stimulates blood flow, this treatment also includes massage with essential oils to stimulate your nervous system, and leave you feeling like you've had an "all over body massage"*.

Session | 55 mins  |  £56

Shiatsu ~ Taster

To get to know how this treatment works and whether you like it!  If you love massage or reflexology, you'll love Shiatsu so book the full session; this one is over in the blink of an eye, and is really for those who are very uncertain of any therapy!


Short session | 30 mins | £35

Relaxation Hour - Gift Voucher

Treat someone special or book into this session if you're looking for a regular relaxation session that's a fantastic alternative to massage. You'll receive the deep tension easing, health benefits a calmer mind and all with your clothes on!

This treatment can also be booked as a gift for someone special, introducing them to how wonderful this gentle holistic therapy is.

One very relaxing session  £68

Canine Shiatsu ~ Diagnosis for Health


Dogs have physical and emotional issues the same as us - gut health problems, mobility issues and pain, unreleased physical trauma - I am qualified and I specialise in these areas

Please call Andrea to discuss suitability of this therapy for your dog and to arrange a free assessment

on 07899 987227