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Shiatsu Bodyworks  - Cheltenham - Men with circulation, stress and tension issues

Shiatsu for Men's health

Circulation can be the root cause of so many symptoms

I have a no-nonsense approach to getting you back to health, whether you're looking to resolve aches from old sports injury's that may be affecting your work to stress and shoulder tension from being in a high-pressure work situation and desk-based. 

How many treatments you need is dependent on what the issue is. A frozen shoulder may release in a couple of treatments but if you're looking to manage stress we can create a maintenance programme of support for you.

This treatment is fully-clothed, incredibly relaxing and you can choose to have a full health assessment (£70 first session) or 'relaxation & destress'  (£50). Packages of treatments are available and this is discussed on your first visit, to understand the problems you want to be solved and what outcome you would like to achieve.


My therapy consists of gentle acupressure, stretches, muscle release and is based on the same theory and principle as Acupuncture. You'll leave feeling like you've received a full body massage with tension release and a calm mind.


There is the possibility you'll detox the day afterwards, this can consist of headache and muscle aches. Drink plenty of water and don't book your appointment if you have a challenging day physically or emotionally the day after.


Call or text Andrea to either discuss how I can help you or to book in and get started: 

Shiatsu Bodyworks  - Cheltenham - Back pain  relief , stress relief, health problems resolved
Shiatsu Bodyworks  - Cheltenham - Robins shoulder pain relieved
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