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I'll be showing you supportive moves/ self shiatsu for your physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as supporting you with practical advice, knowledge and supplement options. My clients find talking to me as much of a benefit as the physical treatment. Seeing the world through the eyes of the theory of Chinese Medicine means offering a different and  enlightened view point into your health and life in mind and body; this is a truly holistic way of supporting your health.

This page is also full of great content - downloads and videos, and if you have any questions about what to do about your health - just contact me, I offer a free 15 minute health clarity call - just text Andrea on 07899 987227.

" Stay Connected for Your Health and Vitality in Mind and Body . Flourish with Online Living."


DOWNLOADS - Click on image
Shiatsu Bodyworks - Cheltenham - Shiatsu for  Immunity and Advice
Shiatsu Bodyworks - Cheltenham - Shiatsu exercises for lower back
Shiatsu Bodyworks - Cheltenham - Shiatsu for stress relief and advice
Immunity Booster
Shiatsu Bodyworks - Cheltenham - Shiatsu exercises for neck and shoulders
Shiatsu Bodyworks - Cheltenham - Shiatsu and yoga for adrenal fatigue
Successful Natural Menopause.png
The Best Chocolate Chewy Nougat Cookies | Shiatsu Bodyworks | UK
essential oils for viruses |  shiatsu bodyworks online | UK

SHIATSU VIDEOS  - For Immunity, Health and Vitality!

Throat Health - Keep bugs out!

Flourish with Online Living - Neck and Shoulder Exercises

Set Up Relaxation Space at Home - Recreate Your Me Time - Part1

SHIATSU ONLINE SUPPORT -  For your health and vitality!

"There is so much you can learn and do for your immunity, health and emotional wellbeing. It starts with awareness, then understanding and support from your therapist,  self shiatsu, stretches and supplement advice; clients are having amazing results from these sessions. I maybe on line but I'm still in the room with you!"

Sally had online support throughout the pandemic, she was used to having monthly treatments, and living alone meant she had very little access to other people. One day she just needed a hug, and with the right shiatsu she felt she'd got the emotional support she needed that day. 

Whether you have back ache, shoulder tension, digestive issues and more, self shiatsu is still an incredibly powerful way to have therapy. Read more below, and you can book on the treatments page.

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