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What to expect from your first shiatsu

what can shiatsu help with?

Shiatsu can  relieve everyday tension and stress 

Shiatsu can help you to relax, especially if you're a person that normally can't

The theory being Shiatsu can  help you  understand your body clock and  sleeping patterns and how to aid a better nights sleep

Shiatsu bodywork aids the circulation of blood and fluids, and this can calm your physical and emotional state, leading to an amazing sense of wellbeing, and help you have a healthier energy and emotional more balanced way of living.

Try Shiatsu for:

 Shoulder & Neck Pain  |  Living with Ailments & Conditions  |  Managing Energy  |  Managing Sleeping  

 Back Problems  |  Headaches  |  Menopausal Symptoms  |  Daily Fatigue  |  IBS

and gut health issues  

 Stress  |  Unresolved Physical Trauma  |  Emotional Support  |  Anxiety  |  Feeling Overwhelmed

I became a Practitioner because Shiatsu really helped me and therefore I'm always happy to chat about how it can benefit you, so please give me a call to see whether Shiatsu is right for you -  Call Andrea on 07899 987227 

Shiatsu - Lifestyle is your medicine

If you've never experienced Shiatsu before then here's just a little bit about what to expect:

All bodywork is done fully clothed, only Myofascial Cupping sessions require your back to receive oils and cups.


My clinic room is up a short flight of stairs, if you have minor mobility issues this is still easily accessible, I do see people with chronic Arthritis. 

Shiatsu, being Japanese, takes place on a comfy padded futon laid on the floor. The great thing about this is that it allows you to wriggle about without fear of falling off (like you might on a couch), relax, sink into the earth, and feel fully grounded. 

If you want to know about your body and understand how to stay healthy or to relieve deeply-rooted specific pain/emotional patterns, then 'Shiatsu for Health' gives you plenty of time to chat and explore what's going on. 

​Both male and female clients are welcome. Shiatsu is also beneficial for babies and children with physical ailments like stress and tight muscles.


Releasing tension in stuck muscles and tight joints can relax your mind to aid better sleep and release stuck energy in your body (know as pain) to leave you feeling refreshed, mobile and like your self again.


It's all about the way your energy works within you. In receiving regular bodywork and creating a good blood flow, a great benefit of Shiatsu is that your mind can become calmer; and a calm mind leads to clearer thinking and greater emotional balance, less stress, worry and anxiety.

Receiving gentle body work regularly can really show you how different you can feel, get the benefit of a relaxing massage whilst resolving your health issues.