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Shiatsu for Menopause

Natural Menopause Symptom Relief is a speciality of Shiatsu Bodyworks | Cheltenham | UK

Finally understand what's going on and how to resolve your menopausal symptoms naturally and successfully


Let me take you over to my sister website 'Cotswold Menopause' where I have really used my chinese medicine skills along with a vast knowledge of everyday supplements to help you alleviate your worst symptoms and gain back control of your health, hormones and life!

I've spent 4 years researching, undestanding and testing not only effective Shiatsu but also how to rebalance your body chemistry to get you back to feeling like you.

There are 5 underlying health issues that make the menopause worse. When this hormonal upheaval starts it shines a magnifying glass on your health imbalances and this is what can make symptoms so bad for some of you.

Let me help you, I offer a free short phone chat, ebooks, consultation, 28 days to a Happier and healthier menopause   - video series and group zoom experience, as well as a Menopause supplement starter kit AND my free guide - get everything you need to have a Happy and Healthy menopause here:

Julie in her early 50s had a hysterectomy and was hit by all the symptoms at once and didn't know what to do...

Cat at 40 was going crazy with symptoms and didn't know where to turn, then she came to my Menopause Seminar, and then came along for treatments ...

Shiatsu Bodyworks  - Cheltenham - Find out where you are in the Menopause and how I can help

"Thank you for listening to me and improving my life"  Cheryl, 53,  Gloucester

"Defuzzing my brain has been absolutely remarkable!" Cat, 40, Tewkesbury

"Just talking and you bringing in your experiences of other things I can do is the complete package" Lizzie, 50, Cheltenham

"3 Months ago I was in a dark terrible place, not good.... Now, I feel great!" Julie, 51, Gloucester

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