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Health & Vitality

Understand more about major health issues and why vitamins, minerals and synergistic herbs can really help you. I've been lucky enough to interview Dr Charles Rouse - a pharmacist, pharmacologist and Dr of natural medicine who formulates health supplements based on his vast knowledge of his career. He really is worth the watch, and I've asked about topics that align with what I do for myself and to support my clients

What is an antioxidant and why do we need it in midlife health?

The difference between a multi vitamin and trace minerals and why they are so powerful

Depletion during the menopause - what you can do about it?

Women's health - Dealing with fatigue

Why we all need more vitamin D

The synergy of minerals and herbs together

Breast cancer - how to aid prevention

Liver - it's all about the detox!

Contact Andrea for a free clarity call if you haven't purchased supplements before to learn what you need, you can also have a consultation about your health too, plus this is incorporated into my shiatsu treatments too.

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