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Why do I need nutritional supplements?

You live in a world of deficiency, you're missing too many nutrients and this is leading to symptoms due to body chemistry imbalance.

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Contact Andrea for a free Health & Vitality call and you can get up to 35% off your supplements.

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Why do I need a probiotic?

and especially this one?!

The source of your good health is your good gut health. A probiotic delivers a variety of gut microbes (bacteria) into your system that is most likely missing if you're having any gut health symptoms

Here are the top probiotic tips:


  • As well as quantity, you need a variety of strains and this brand has 15 strains at least where as supermarkets have only  1 or 2.

  • You need microbes that are from nature, not synthesised in a lab

  • You need your microbes alive and at a pH level that stomach acid can't destroy

  • Probiotics in capsules are freeze dried, they hydrate in your stomach but the capsule is eaten as food and this can destroy the microbes within.

  • The bacteria in this liquid supplement remain alive and therefore more readily available to get started on increasing your microbiome health.

  • Liquid probiotic starts when it enters your mouth, reducing the bad bacteria and increasing your oral health.

PLUS their is a whole range with herbs in to support your health requirements - 2 supplements in one!!

I use Microbz and I've just recently moved from Women to Liver as my needs have changed. There is a range of 10 so you will find one to suit what you need. Keep your biome active with eating some vegetables, fruit and wholegrains every day!

This is such a great product I've got you a permanent 15% discount - use code MBZCM15


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I recommend Liver Detox if you have heat symptoms, Women if you have menstrual symptoms and the Gut Reboot if you're replenishing your gut health.

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Products I recommend in clinic

 From keeping your Kidneys warm and your muscles tension free to revitalising the water you drink, optimal health and vitality comes in all areas of your life. Plus a new Further Reading section below!


Great books for further learning

Understanding Your Menopause book by Andrea Marsh at Shiatsu Bodyworks
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