From a sprained ankle to arthritis, and auto-immune diseases to emotional anxiety/ grief, your dog can experience the same issues as you. As well as maintaining your dog’s flexibility and mobility through to older age, he can suffer from anxiety and stress triggered at any point through his life. It’s not something that a vet can necessarily deal with but Western vets have begun to use acupuncture as a non-invasive way to treat animals for short term pain relief. 


I have studied Chinese Medicine Theory behind Acupuncture for many years and I incorporate this as well as dog psychology into my Shiatsu treatment making this much more than a standard canine massage. I also blend bespoke Bach Flower Remedies to aid dog's for recovery from Rescue, Operations and Unknown Trauma. In 2018 I embark on Pharmacognosy with Essential Oils, allowing your dog to choose those that will aid them in getting better.


Whether you’re looking to aid your dog’s mobility in old age, or help with anxieties that dogs can face daily in the modern world, the Shiatsu therapy I provide is a gentle and effective option to consider for your dog's health, saving them from life long medication, or before invasive treatment becomes necessary.


As a complementary therapy Shiatsu works alongside your Vet/Dog behaviourist or other physical therapies to get the very best possible quality of life for your canine companion and you.


"I would like to say thank you so much for helping Tessa (Collie Cross).  I had no idea shiatsu was so beneficial for dogs.


At the grand age of 15 and suffering from a few health problems including Vestibular disease, she looked quite weary and unstable, and didn't want to play anymore. Since your treatments her stance has improved, she holds her head up and seems a much more cheerful dog. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to others in the future."


Kind Regards


Joy & Tessa 

Shiatsu Bodyworks - Cheltenham - Natural Pain relief for your dog
Shiatsu Bodyworks - Cheltenham - Canine Arthritis, Anxiety and Allergy relief
Shiatsu Bodyworks - Cheltenham - Canine pain and mobility relief

Shiatsu for your dog

Physically & emotionally your dog is no different to you..