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"A very warm welcome, very relaxing & beneficial experience. Also informative on general health perspective. Recommended."

Guy, Cheltenham

"The change in my symptoms has been amazing, I’m sleeping better, my body is more relaxed, my anxiety is gone and my hot flushes are minimal. Andrea is warm and friendly and put me at ease straight away. I recommend to anyone who is in the throes of peri menopause or menopause or indeed those who have suffered the trauma of surgical menopause to let Andrea help. I will continue using shiatsu as and when i need it. Can’t thank you enough, I feel like my old self again"

Julie, Gloucester

"I used to have poor circulation and had tried everything before I was referred to Andrea. It has been a blessing in disguise. I have in a short space of time have had wonderful results."

Ernest, Cheltenham

"Andrea is amazing! I started seeing her with severe pain in my foot and unable to walk for more than 100 metres! I find the technique used really relaxing and cannot believe how My mood/anxiety/and energy have all improved immensely. Within 4 months I was pain free and walking 3 km every other day and have completely stopped taking my medicines I still have a few quirky twinges but will never go anywhere else for a massage. Andrea you are amazing .. Thank you"

Dot, Churchdown

"I’m definitely having less migraines (down from 2/3 a week to 1 every couple of weeks) since I started with Andrea"


Claire, Cheltenham

"An amazing experience. Andrea was professional yet at the same time made me feel very comfortable and calm. She was able to help ease tension in my lower back and would highly recommend her services."

Emma, Cheltenham

"I had a few sessions with Andrea when I'd damaged my shoulder. I couldn't lift it without pain and found it hurt to lie on that side at bedtime. Andrea uses a firm but gentle touch to regain movement and relieve pain. She also gave me some specific exercises to do to continue the improvement between sessions. I cannot quite believe the difference. I have full movement back and no pain meaning I can enjoy all my favourite yoga positions again. I like to know how things work and Andrea was able to explain what she was doing and why."

Janet Dowling, Cheltenham

"There is no way this is going to do anything... especially compared to deep tissue massage." How wrong I was!! It was strange to feel the heat in my muscles, and an emotional response when my shoulders were worked on (where I carry stress). By the end, my body was so relaxed but not weak. I found myself breathing more deeply and naturally. My mind was super clear and just...alright with the world. The effects have lasted far longer and been more powerful than with deep tissue massage - without the muscle soreness!" 

Dawn, Charlton Kings

"Very professional and soothing. Made me feeling refreshed."

Kevin, Cheltenham

"Andrea’s shiatsu treatments make my life better.

I look forward to my appointments each month and always leave feeling better than when I arrived – however good my day has been. Andrea has helped me with everything from lower back pain and tightness in my shoulders and neck to sleeplessness. The treatment is thoroughly relaxing and has truly helped to restore a feeling of balance to my life. If you’re thinking of trying shiatsu, go for it! You won’t be disappointed."

Sarah, Hucclecote

"I've got flat feet and since you've helped realign my muscles from the knees down and my hip flexors, I've got a lot less pain and a lot less bloating"

Cath, Cheltenham

"I went to Andrea with menopausal symptoms, which were made worse when my HRT was discontinued and I had to stop cold turkey. Andrea is so knowledgeable and friendly and makes you feel at ease. I have been so impressed by the treatments and results that I have signed up to a monthly plan. I look forward to my treatment every month."

Julia, Down Hatherley

"I found Andrea at a time when I was really struggling with my energy and health in connection to my hormones. She was a lifesaver, finally some advice and help that actually worked for me. I felt listened to and heard, the suggestions she made have made a long term difference for me to benefit my health. Thank you Andrea!"

Suze, London

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