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Would it surprise you to know that there are more back pain sufferers in their 30s than their 60s?

shiatsu for back pain relief

Using the theory of Chinese Medicine (TCM) we can understand why you have these back ache problems and then use Shiatsu to get you back in shape, feeling well and energised again.

So much of pain in your back comes from muscles feeling very unsupported. Our sedentary lives of desks and cars really doesn't help. Then you may have a burst of activity once a day, walking the dog, or at the weekend you hike,cycle or DIY; but for your back this is a 'feast or famine' attitude. Sitting all day leads to our bad postures and soft abdominal muscles, and this plays a part in why our lower backs grumble at us.

Abdominal muscles link around your body and insert into your spine. If these muscles aren't doing their bit to help you remain strong the back muscles have to take on more of the work and become strained and fatigued.

Another major issue is temperature!

I talk about hot and cold spots all the time, and a majority of people (unless you're female on contraception) have cold kidneys, which live in the mid/low back just under the bottom of the ribs.

Our kidneys really don't like being cold, they're the basis of our constitution and want to be warm. We bend over (like cycling), wear thin tops because we feel hot, and generally ignore that part of our back until it gets to the point that it tells us something is wrong.

When our backs 'go' its the muscles saying 'enough is enough' I'm going into spasm as I'm at the end of my tether and you really haven't exercised me sympathetically or kept me warm.

Anyone who's had a muscle spasm knows its quite scary when it happens (I've had it twice in my life, so I know the feeling). A back after spasm'ing needs TLC and Shiatsu can do this, but what I truly recommend is that you keep your back in shape by keeping it nurtured with Shiatsu

Shiatsu checks muscle health, it keeps a good circulation of blood flowing through the muscles, sorts out any kinks that appear, gives TLC to the muscles that are feeling the wear and tear, and tells you, the owner that you need take care of these ones at this time, and HOW TO keep your back healthy and safely maintained.

As we come into the cooler months keeping our backs warm is imperative to get through the winter, more and more people will groan as they get out of bed in the morning if muscles have tightened up over night. The tighter and colder your muscles get the more chance there is of having an injury.

Keep your back healthy, feel like you've received an amazing massage, and learn how to help your back health.... all with Shiatsu - Contact Andrea to chat about how Shiatsu can help on 07899 987227

back pain relief with shiatsu cheltenham

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