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This is my first in a series of explaining how Shiatsu can help you with different aches, and why you don't have to put up with it!

Our Neck and Shoulders are like a tent, the neck muscles up the sides of the spine are like the pole, and all the muscles through out the shoulders and running to the spine are your guy ropes.

You know a tent can't stand up by pole alone, and you know that if guy ropes are too tight or too slack, the tent will be lopsided. Its the same with your head.

Because your ears want you to be balanced, and you'll slightly icky and displaced if you're not you naturally hold your head up straight no matter what.

Life has taken its toll and your shoulders are where you hold you tension, and this will be uneven, one side tighter than the other.

Then if you're right handed you're likely to do less with your left arm and shoulder and those muscles may end up weaker.

If you ignore uneven aches and pains in your shoulders your neck will try and compensate - this can lead to extreme pain and headaches, and maybe migraines.

Keeping your shoulders balanced and supple for a good circulation of blood is the best way to keep healthy and pain free in your mid & upper back, your shoulder region, and your neck.

Keep you neck happy, get your shoulders seen to with Shiatsu.

Shiatsu uses gentle touch to release and realign tight muscles, examines where the weaknesses are and I also give you a set of complimentary exercises to help you bring your shoulders back to health.

Contact me to chat about how Shiatsu can help you and book

in for 'Complimentary Neck & Shoulder Assessment' and find out how you can start relieving pain and feeling tension free again!

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