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Watch out for cold spots

Last month I had this little chart in the article, about the Yin and Yang of ailments, its handy to look at it as it helps with self-diagnosis and whether to apply hot or cold to a pain....

What this chart really says in common sense –

If something hurts to touch it’s a temporary , external issue, its ‘Excess’ which means swollen inflamed and you can put something cold on it to help the pain go away (or take anti-inflammatories) - It’s a HOT symptom.

What I’m far more interested in helping it the more insidious ailments, the ones where they grumble along, but could go at any moment, and that’s the COLD spots.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a person that generally feels too hot, or too cold, everyone still gets COLD SPOTS. These are localised issues that cause you pain and you think ‘well I haven’t bashed it’ so I’m not sure why it’s hurting... its normally in places like:

  1. Shoulder

  2. Neck

  3. Lower back

  4. Stomach

  5. Intestines

  6. Knees

  7. Ankles

  8. Wrists

COLD SPOTS – Like pressure, so press your hand down and you go ‘ahhhh’, apply warmth, and you don’t need to take anti-inflammatories, in fact most western meds just won’t help here.


Most of these body parts are bony ones, like neck wrists and ankles, these now need to start being covered up again if you’re susceptible to getting pain.

The lower back I’ll talk about more in the coming months and quick fixes for you to keep warm, but I’m not going to be too pessimistic yet, I’m sure we’ve got a few warm weeks ahead, but it’s now a bit chillier at the start and end of the day, and that tends to catch us out with what we’re wearing.

Have a think about an ache you have that niggles you, does that spot like you applying pressure, does the warmth of your hand make it feel better? If so, this is a cold spot that will be susceptible to the change in weather and is a point of ‘weakness’ that needs some TLC!