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I receive Shiatsu like you'd receive a massage...

Being a Practitioner of a therapy that I absolutely love means that I receive it regularly too!

About once a month, if I push it to 5 weeks I sure know about it physically, and I think I might even get a little snappier... well I am a couple of years into the peri-menopause so I really feel shiatsu is keeping it in check.

"I could be a whole lot snappier if my energies weren't being rebalanced regularly!"

I practice 'Zen Shiatsu'.... this conjures up an image of serenity, Zen means 'in the moment' so with a treatment, we may have a plan for you that day, but if something pops up, I go with the flow as the niggle is there and it's asking to be resolved, so I do , and this is where your energy is at.

Having a Zen therapy, would also suggest that I was a serene type person... stop sniggering everyone who knows me :) I'm less calm and more passionate about what I do, so that does mean I can come across a little firey... and this is where receiving regularly really does keep me in check.

If you're the type of person to bubble over quickly, that indicates a couple of things, one. a lot of spare energy and two. it can be a bit stuck, causing a volcano type effect. How Shiatsu helps in this case is that it aids certain organs in the body that govern this and it softens them, calms them down and engages a more even release of energy moving forward.

How the body does this? Well that's one of the mysteries of life, I only know that the Chinese tapped into understanding this many millenia ago, and that it works and, more importantly is very effective for mind and body when done regularly.

Many people have a regular massage, and what I suspect is, that they don't realise they are having it for their mind as much as their body. If you go for a deep tissue massage with the 'beat me up' mentality, then you really are kneading out stuck energies, all those times in the month someone has riled you and you've had to bite your tongue, it all gets stuck somewhere.

"You can't walk past a fresh bakery of coffee house with getting a boost of happiness!"

If you go for an aromatherapy massage regularly, you're a little more likely to be in tune with your body mind, knowing on some level that smell is important.... it is the quickest avenue to our brain for conjuring memories, and bringing on a sense of happiness... just think about when you walk past a fresh bakery or coffee house; just how quickly that brings on a happy thought!

Shiatsu for me is something I can't live without, tell me I couldn't have another one ever, and I would sob! I look forward to my monthly pick me up, the session never feels long enough, the physical pleasure you get when your spine is being worked, individual vertebrae at a time really brings on the sense of wellbeing. A few of my clients go into bouts of deep sighing at this time... and I love it!

Recently, someone likened Shiatsu to 'Reflexology all over my body", that's great, as again this taps into a pleasurable thought about therapy - which Shiatsu most definitely is!

Regular Shiatsu like a massage, is like reflexology all over your body!

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