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Men - How Shiatsu Can Help You!

I decided to ditch ailments and talk about why Shiatsu is specifically good for men as a therapy. We know chaps love going for massages, and doing sports, and you're very good at booking appointments and sticking to them, and giving yourself the permission to sort out your ailments.

Yes, I know this isn't all men, but it should be, and if you're putting up with shoulder tension, neck pain, circulation associated issues, low energy, stress in work or life, back pain, joint problems, random stomach issues, anxiety, or a level of health that is below what you know to be good, then this is for you and you can read on!

Shiatsu is based on the same principles as Acupuncture; Chinese Medicine. The Chinese really learnt how to tap into the body in different places to relieve different symptoms, ailments, aches and pains.

The treatment is done fully clothed, though some chaps do want to whip off their jeans, but its not allowed, so come in something comfy!

The great thing about Shiatsu is that you can choose to talk as much or as little as you like, you can choose to address health issues (sorting out circulatory problems is a biggie, and very effective). Nowadays, we're much more open to admitting to ourselves, if not publicly that we're affected by stress.

Stress can take its toll on us physically in so many ways, from tension in the neck and shoulders, back ache, stomach problems and how we feel emotionally, it is also something that can build up until we break. Women are better at releasing the pressure valve than men, so don't let it get to breaking point.

In coming to Shiatsu, you don't have to pour your heart out, you can just say 'I've got stress, and I've got bad shoulders' that's enough to create a treatment that is tailored for you on the day to help alleviate the shoulder aches and get your body and mind back into balance to alleviate some of the stress, and deal with the rest of it in a better balanced state.

I was working in a small computer firm when I was training in Shiatsu for 3 years, so all my case studies were with men. One younger chap spent his life taking caffeine laced pain killers to battle his almost daily migraines. I thought that was no way to live so I took him in hand, and we really saw the regularity drop. He also learnt to understand what triggered the migraines and how to make small changes to his life to alleviate the regularity.

Another colleague was diagnosed with extremely high blood pressure, only in his mid 30s. We worked together to bring him back down to a normal reading, and he learnt some lifestyle changes that he had to implement for his health too, and he stuck to them because he felt better.

Back, hip and leg problems is another regular area that I see, don't put up with pain in body, and don't let it settle so badly that is becomes very difficult for any therapist to reverse. If you stay on top of your physical health, mentally you'll feel better. If you do something to ease the stress and calm your mind, your physical body will respond much better and you won't get so many health niggles.

Fear and the repression of, Anger and the repression of, Grief and the repression of, Worry... oh you get the gist! Pushing emotions down and not allowing them to surface, be expressed properly or dealt with means we have to hold onto those feelings somewhere. If you haven't let them out and dealt with them, they're still in you, sitting in your muscles, your organs and soft tissue , and starting to make you feel a bit as though you're under performing, also left undealt with emotions can take their toll on your heart health and circulation, and associated problems arising from this, and Shiatsu has proved to help when impotence is emotionally related.

I had one chap last year in a real mess with his digestive system, I would love to say that Shiatsu was a miracle for him, and I think it did a lot, but explaining to him why 6 cans of high energy drink a day was causing how he felt also went a long way to helping him over his health concerns.

I learnt a great expression from my old boss when I was in computer software that annoyed the hell out of me back then, but I use it so much now.... 'You don't know, what you don't know!' And this applies to men, their bodies, their health and emotions. If you don't know what's detrimental to you, or the underlying cause of why you're feeling as you do, then let Shiatsu and the wisdom of Chinese Medicine help you.

If you'd like a treatment that is more targeted to dealing with how you're feeling than a massage then Shiatsu is right up there for getting to grips and helping you resolve the health issues that you have.

Don't let stress take its toll, come and experience this deeply relaxing treatment that will relieve aches and pains that you have, release tension held within (ie the emotional stuff!) , get your body flowing smoothly again, making you feel refreshed and energised - that's got to be good, hasn't it?

Message me via the website, or do the old fashioned thing and use the phone - I'm on 07899 987227

Please Share with the menfolk in your lives to let them know there really is a therapy out there that is tailor made for them!

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