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How Shiatsu Restored My Sleep - A Menopause Story

On Sunday this lady was frustrated and upset with lack of sleep and sweats, and she poured her heart out on Facebook .... on Monday she came to see me.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, she slept and was extremely happy!


I worked out using my Chinese Medciine training what the triggers are for symptoms, how they appear, what people's lifestyle can be like and how to improve it. I also give you a relaxing Shiatsu treatment where I press the acu-points on your body (same ones as Acpuncture). You're fully clothed during the treatment and at the end you'll feel so relaxed it'll be like you've had a full body massage.

Most women start to feel some small changes from the very first treatment! I see other websites tell you that you can relieve symptoms in months with supplements , but with supplements and Shiatsu you can start to feel changes and some relief in the first couple of weeks!

If you want to relieve your symptoms, relieve sweats, get sleep, clear your head and get focused again, book in for you clarity call and find out how Shiatsu can help you - just message/call/text me - 07899 987227

and I'll do the rest. Best Wishes Andrea

Shiatsu Bodyworks - Cheltenham - Menopause symptom relief with first shiatsu

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