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Essential Oils

Over the last couple of years I’ve really come to respect what essential oils can do for us, and I’ve met some amazing people on my journey into what oils can do for us, and for our animals. The power of scent is underrated by us in Western Society and an extremely powerful way to deal with our emotions as well as physically. Did you know- Our nose is the only place where our central nervous system interacts with the outside world! We can be so shut off to scent in our busy daily lives, but just think how one sniff of your favourite scent can transport you back to your memories of an exotic holiday, a time with a loved one, or even your childhood.

These oils can be beneficial at any time, but particularly so for women through the peri/menopausal years; they’re a great medicine cabinet to have around for your mind, body and spirit – Here are a choice few:

Clary Sage – Reduces excess Estrogen and good for PMS symptoms

Thyme – Improving Progesterone and decreasing low moods

Geranium – Hormonal and mood balancing, good for your skin

Lemon – Uplifting and anti-bacterial, good for mouth sores, sore throat and heartburn. Add 2 drops to a jug of water, it gives a more rounded flavour than lemon juice would.

Rose – Mood lifter/ improves serotonin. The Women’s Health blend from Neal’s Yard combines rose with geranium and frankincense. 1 drop of Rose oil per 5ml of water, make yourself a face spritz for cooling when you flush.

Lavender / Chamomile – Reduces cortisol (stress inducer) aids sleep and relaxation.

Frankincense – Reduces inflammation, and so auto-immune responses. Benefits thyroid activity.

Rosemary – Muscle ache relieving, especially great for adding to a bath soak with beneficial salts. Also diffuse to clear brain fog, and great blended with spearmint and sweet orange.

Vetiver – This one is great for you if you feel anxious, also if you dog likes sniffing it you’re onto a winner! (Not cats!!)

Ylang Ylang – Very strong relaxant, used to let go and just be – especially in massage.

Jasmine – Emotional support – relaxes the mind by calming a hot temperament! Uplifts the spirit and increases confidence; this is one of my favourites.

Peppermint/Spearmint/Eucalyptus – Cooling! Pop on your feet, or inhale from your hands. Add to water and spritz!

I have the full article in a PDF which you can request! I also do perimenopausal assessments and taster shiatsu session for free, you just need to ask to get the process started!

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