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Shiatsu Bodyworks 

Relieve anxiety, tension and pain

Revitalise your health

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If you need pain relief and/or joint flexibility, then book a shiatsu in the room

If you want to get back your vital health, book a free clarity call

If you're concerned about your immunity and what you can do to achieve a better level of health I can help you understand what you can do either remotely or in person

If you're suffering from increased anxiety at this time, a complementary combination of shiatsu and supplements will ease this considerably, book a health clarity call

If you're worried about throat health and respiratory issues, then I can help you specifically boost your immune system both remotely and in person

If your menopause symptoms are exacerbated or you would like to understand and alleviate them at this time, I have specific options for you, click here

If you're lost as to where to start regaining your health, take my offer of a free health & vitality phone call


You can start feeling better today, choose from a free health call, book in for a full assessment and couch based treatment, or you're one click away from having a video supported session at home:

Shiatsu Bodyworks is fully Covid compliant. On arrival please wear a mask, and ensure you have socks on!

         Receive Shiatsu for relief from:

 Back Pain | Headaches  | Migraines  |  Insomnia  | Shoulder & Neck Pain     

Stress | Circulation Issues | Strengthening Immunity 

 Fatigue | Women's Health Issues | Menopause Symptom Relief  

 Unresolved Physical Trauma |  Emotional Support  |  Anxiety

Feeling Overwhelmed

Relaxation ... Relief from Pain and Stress ... All with Shiatsu

Would you like to find relief from pain and aches? Feel more energised and sleep better? Relieve tension and clear your mind, be more flexible and feel like your best self? Shiatsu can help you relieve many issues, by gently balancing your body's energy, releasing blockages (which relieves pain) and calming your mind.

3 great things about Shiatsu:

1 No needles ~ Just gentle finger pressure, rocking, stretches and supportive holding to create powerful changes physically & emotionally

2 You keep your clothes on ~ wear soft, stretchy and warm!

3 Once you've tried Shiatsu, it really does feel amazing and you don't need to go back to separate therapies as it combines the ability to relax you, ease muscle tension, relieve joint pain and alleviate many other symptoms.

Shiatsu is beneficial and nourishing to you in mind and body. This gentle therapy is incredibly relaxing, and Andrea provides enjoyable, informative and caring treatments in a calm environment.

If you've not experienced shiatsu before, but you've had massage,  acupuncture or reflexology then you really would enjoy this style of treatment,  with all the benefits of enhancing your health and daily performance.

You have the energy...
Transform stress into vitality!
Contact Andrea on 07899 987227
Shiatsu Bodyworks - Cheltenham - Men back pain and stress relief
Shiatsu Bodyworks - Cheltenham - Back Pain Relief for Women
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Shiatsu  - Physical Therapy for Your Health in Mind & Body

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Shiatsu Bodyworks Cheltenham

Andrea Marsh Dip Shiatsu & Oriental Medicine FwSS Practitioner

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