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INSOMNIA - Why you get it and what to do about it!

I'm a good sleeper!

That may not be the way to start off a blog if you're reading this and you're tired and frustrated about your lack of sleep and how it's affecting you, but hang on....

The moment I can't sleep, or I have nights of heavily interrupted sleep I'm a nightmare. It feels like it's the end of the world and my sleep isn't coming back, I don't function and I get very moody. I need my sleep, and a fair amount of it, and on hitting menopause it kept disappearing on me, and I was most unhappy about that.


I meet some amazing people who seem to function on very little sleep, Maggie Thatcher famously only had 4 hours a night when she was the Prime Minster, but I think she was an exception to the rule. Most of us only function well when we've had a solid nights sleep and this is what we're going to look at today.

Whilst you're asleep your body aims to do some 'healing' of its own, so if you don't have that downtime, maintenance tasks in your body don't get done. This leads to a level of toxicity in your system, and an inability to relax, and can not only cause extreme fatigue, but mood swings and anxiety as well as poor digestion and physical health and wellbeing.

You need that shut off time overnight especially to aid your body to replenish and never so more than during the years leading up to and during the menopause.