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And all your pets!!

We're coming into the time of early autumn evenings, halloween, fireworks night .... after night... after night. It's 3 weeks now of now wanting to go out and leave pets alone if they're don't like the shock of the bangs that seem to make the house shudder from every neighbour in the district.

Don't get me wrong, I love fireworks, but really there is a time and a place, and every night of the week through late october to mid november is getting crazy.... and so are our pets!

For Tids the cat, I make her a snug den with lots of blankets/throws so she can snuggle inside and it mufffles the sounds, and she just inhabits that cocoon every night until I take it away. She is also a cat that catnip really works for , have you tried giving your cat some to eat - it does relax them. I have a new dog, a rescue from romania, I haven't a clue yet how she's going to react. For a dog it may not be so easy,but it's about interrupting their fear so they will listen to you, some examples of what you can try: An adaptil collar - this releases pheromones that reminds them of being with their mum, it calms them enough to listen to you. Feliway is the brand for cats and you can target the pheromones if you use the spray rather than the diffuser. Pet Remedy - you can get a spray, but I prefer the wipes. With a combination of calming essential oils (incl Valerian which is quite smelly) you can wipe around the face, the snout and on the bony top of their head, a major calming acu point. Here's the common sense graphic :)

Feed them early, so they have digested their dinner and calmed before potential bangs start. I don't necessarily agree with giving them a carby me as in the graphic below, but safe carbs are sweet potato and normal potato not grains.

Here's a great graphic with the top advice, common sense to some but needless to say get your cats in before dark too!

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