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Shiatsu - Look after yourself, just like your car - have a service!

It's the law you need to have an MOT (if you're over 3 years old), and to get through an MOT, and half the time your car needs a service. So begrudgingly most of us book a service in at least once a year. And a chap once told me 'take care of your tyres, its the only attachment you have to the road', so again, we all check if our tyres are looking a little worn, especially as winter comes on; but is it all a little bit too late, if the wear and tear is already setting in ? And what's this got to do with having a shiatsu?

But what about ourselves? How do we get people to respect to their own bodies? Waiting until the pain is 'really bad' before getting that first treatment, then when you get the teeth sucking from the service engineer about the extent of work that needs to be done, on your car.... well, it's kind of the same in any therapy, it can't all be done in one session either.

Our bodies need lubrication, our parts can wear out when they dry out too. Our engine oil is the quality of our blood, the coolant in our system is hydrating synovial fluid (in the joints), the fluids in our fascia and the water in our brain and organs, all need top up's , consideration and maintenance.

But where as you can change your car every couple of years, or pay the bill and get a new fan belt put in (think tendons!) or change the brake pads (think knee joints) as and when needed.

"The most expensive parts to replace are in your body and make up your health, and they're not so easily changed."

In old China, a Doctor was paid to keep people healthy and didn't get paid when they were sick, and there started the philosophy of preventing illness. All our ailments start somewhere, its just we don't notice them until they get to the top of our list with a pain we can't ignore.

That's when you seek something to aid or release the pain. But, don't stop there, when you start feeling better, think 'I shall keep better, I shall not feel half well, I shall feel whole well?', and that's a great start to thinking about yourself in a Holistic way and to start maintaining your body's health and your mind's wellbeing.

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