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Why I carry shopping bags with my left hand!

A few years back when I started playing tennis I noticed my legs and my right arm got a great work out, but that my left arm didn't; and many years later I realised this was probably why my ball toss was wonky!

However when I did realise my poor left arm was left out I thought about what exercises I could do that were just for the left arm. In swimming I tried doing more with the left but that just left me going in circles :)

As I walk to the supermarket most days I started to carry the bag or the heavier one back home with the left arm AND use it as a mini weight lifting session along the way. At first it was pretty tiring, but over time it became the stronger arm for carrying bags.

This leads me onto a lot of shoulders that I see, I'm mainly talking about right hand people here, as the question was posed the other day 'do lefties have the same problem?' I'll come to that one afterwards

Right-handed people do EVERYTHING with their right arm, whether its computer work, phone holding, carrying bags, opening bottles... and the left arm/shoulder/neck muscles get NO exercise... and this becomes the problem.

Weakened muscles on the left shoulder/neck cause the right side of the neck to do more work to try and hold the head up straight, add into that that muscles on the right maybe tighter and more exhausted and you end up with pain and tension.If you then try to do things with the left side, it noticeably hurts muscles , or these muscles may become 'frozen' if slept on and left immoveable for hours, and not given any incentive then throughout the day to strengthening and stretch.

Last week I found an article about how sleeping on the left was healthier for organ functions, but this may then come at the expense of left shoulder pain.

Left shoulder syndrome

So, back to the question of 'do left handed people suffer as much?' the answer is 'I don't know yet', very few come through my door.... but then maybe you also have your answer!

So, if you've read this far, think about what exercise your dormant shoulder/arm really gets through the day compared to the other 3 limbs, and then what little daily tasks can you introduce your left side too? At first things will be cumbersome and tiring, but that is because you'll be waking up muscles that have snoozed way too long. You may even have a dormant hand dumbbell lying around, so have a think about putting it to good use on your side that has fallen asleep without you knowing it!

I'd love to hear your thoughts/stories about your dormant left shoulders - you'll even notice if you press around the top of your shoulders that the bulge on the left won't be as noticeable as the right. Putting pressure on the right one will feel tender, but the question really is 'how much pressure can you put on the left one until you feel something?'

Go on... have a go... and let me know!

You can join me on my interactive facebook page - just look for Cheltenham Shiatsu

AND You can book in for a free Neck & Shoulder Assessment with me - just click on the link on the Shoulders Page.

I can let you know what's going on and give you some ideas how to resolve, and of course, you can come and see me!

left shoulder weakness resolve with exercise

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