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Shiatsu - The Holistic physical therapy for your body and mind health

Events come together sometimes to give you insight, altering your own perception of things and I always find this beneficial when it happens. Only recently, enough people have said to me 'What is acupressure?' We forget when we're immersed in something that people don't necessarily know our terminology. So, I'm going to be talking about 'gentle finger pressure' more on social media.

But the other word I've thought about recenlty is 'Holistic', now I've checked with google analytics and its not a very popular word being searched on and that's fine, people are still searching for complementary therapies etc.

It's when people come to me as they 'want a holistic therapy', I head straight into the thought process about how their emotions are affecting their physical symptoms. Then I realise afterwards 'that's not what they wanted to hear'!

It's taken me a while to realise people are thinking of holistic as I think of complementary or others will call alternative; clients are thinking they're getting a physical body therapy that isn't western medicine. Hang on though, there is something missing here....

The mind - when 'holistic' we have to include the mind!

I can't cut you off at the neck, and if you don't know this already then this is very very important - your gut is your second brain! Scientists have enough evidence that before our brains became developed a lot of actions came from the gut. You've all heard of 'gut instinct' and you all know that squirmy feeling you can get 'down' there, leading to dread of something, or excitement or sickness before facing a situation - is that really coming from the head, or is it coming from our ancestral instincts in the gut? Which in turn means at least part of our mind is in our belly region!

Lots of bellies gurgle, when I treat them, this is a very appreciative gut that is being listened too; and it calms as its balanced. What happens for a lot of people though is that tension rises, so they experience their symptoms higher up the body than the gut, energy gets trapped 'up there': also known as stiff shoulders, necks and headaches!

I'm not going to say what causes this emotionally, but have a think about what Holistic means to you? How much of your mind is affecting your body and symptoms, and how can you start bringing them together to ease ailments?

I can answer that last part.... Shiatsu - gentle finger pressure therapy!

As Shiatsu Practitioners we don't need you to talk about situations to resolve them, that may not actually help, what we hope is that you open your mind, accept that your thought/emotional views DO affect your body and create your ailments. Take responsibility that you need to work on your mind as well as your body, and in very many cases emotionally have to let go of 'stuff' you hold onto that is no longer relevant to your present.

All easier said than done I know, so it is finding the one thing that works for you. A few people recently have said meditation 'does their head in' and can't 'calm their mind' or 'relax'. Telling anyone to do this isn't helpful, what we need to do is show you how to do these things. And as every blog will probably finish, this is the beauty of Shiatsu. It taps into points that will relax the tension in your body, it will tap into points that do calm the mind, it will make you aware of how you hold your body and the tension you didn't realise you had: and it will question whether you can let go of 'stuff'.

This isn't going to happen in 2 or 3 sessions, unless you're exceptionally open to these changes, so see this as a gradual process maybe over 6 months, a year, or more. I've been receiving Shiatsu once a month for 12 years and before that osteopathy (not realising that was my substitute in lack of knowing anything else existed). We maintain our cars by servicing them every year and having an MOT for roadworthiness, so I always say 'Why aren't we doing the same not only for our body's but our minds too?'

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