Shiatsu Bodyworks  - Cheltenham - Neck and shoulder pain relief

Find out what's going on in your neck & shoulders

 Book for Neck & Shoulder Tension Assessment and treatment here, don't put up with sharp pains. If you have restrictive movement it can be awkward and if you get stressed and are sitting at a desk or day your shoulders will bare the brunt of it all. So many things are linked into our shoulders, they are our protection when there are times of emotional issues and they have to be strong and healthy to support the weight of our head and not cause neck problems. With assessment, treatment and then follow up exercises I can help you get your shoulders back in shape.

I'm based on the outskirts of Cheltenham, between the A40 roundabout (Arle Court/Golden Valley) and Hatherley. Just a 5-minute walk from the park and ride. Easy to park and none of the issues with trying to get into the Town Centre. I have a peaceful home clinic space in a leafy cul de sac, just the place to ease up and get some relaxation.

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